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Aloe Vera Gel

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Aloe Vera gel from 100% ecological and natural and pure aloe pulp. Hydrates and calm damaged skin. 95’3% aloe Vera.
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– Deep cell regeneration
– Astringent
– Healing
– Provides elasticity and firmness to the body and face
– Softens skin
– Illuminates and evens skin tone
– Reduce and prevents  spots
– Toning
– Provides us with more than 85 beneficial substances for the skin
– Antiseptic
– Fungicide
– Calms and sooths skin
– Anti-inflammatory
– Rapid absorption


The Pure Gel, 95’3% Aloe Vera, cold pressed, comes from our ecological crops in Fuerteventura. In our buildings we extract the pure pulp from the Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadenses Miller) and cold press it, preserving all its qualities intact. We are then able to obtain a 95’3% pure aloe Vera juice product. Aloe Vera contains 19 of the 21 essential amino acids. Also, the plants from the Canaries, thanks to its warm stable climate, its closeness to the sea and its volcanic soil, present many more properties in their insides.  Showing three times more acumens than plants grown in other regions of the world, with an average of 21’1% and solid levels of 1’29% (the recommended average being 0’5%). Therefore, the Aloe Vera from Fuerteventura is considered the best Aloe Vera in the world, being the closest island to the African continent where it originates from.

In addition, for Acne treatment, Aloe Vera has become a benchmark. It is a natural astringent that helps eliminate excess oil and dirt that obstruct the skins pores. This plant also contains Ghibelline and polysaccharides that help cure the infected skin and reduce the swelling and inflammation caused by acne. Aloe Vera also contains coagulant agents, pain inhibitors and natural antibiotics, which stimulate the skin to heal the tissue and encourage new cellular growth.


  • Aloe Vera: the natural nutrients, the minerals, the vitamins, the amino acids and enzymes stimulate the reproduction of new cells. It is also an important cellular regenerator, toner and highly penetrates skin. It is an excellent enhancer in prepared protectors. It has revitalizing, hydrating, soothing and refreshing properties.
  • Rosehip oil: also called the flower of youth, it is an oil rich in essential poli-insaturated fatty acids.
  • Camomile: camomile contains decongestive and softening qualities, stabilizes skin and has a calming effect.
  • Wheat germ oil: this natural oil is rich in Vitamin E and therefore has excellent anti oxidant properties. Also, it helps delay aging, deeply hydrates and provides the skin with essential nutrients that strengthen its natural defences. It is also very rich in pro-vitamin A and can therefore be used to tone, regenerate and hydrate dry skin and skin tissue.
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