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Aloe Vera Shampoo 250ml

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Champú para cabello normal de uso frecuente formulado a base de aloe vera y aceite de coco. Aloe Vera 54%.

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Aloe vera shampoo

aloe vera shampoo  its organic formula rich in proteins and amino acids, this shampoo is capable of deeply hydrating the hair while improving its elasticity and texture.

The aloe Vera percentage is the highest possible at 53’8%.

The benefits of aloe vera for the hair

  • Reduces tallow, a common cause of slow hair growth. Tallow is a greasy substance produced by the sebaceous glands of the head. Its function is to keep the scalp moisturized but an excess in production can hinder hair growth by clogging the capillary pored. The antibacterial properties of aloe Vera gel solve the problem of excess tallow on the scalp.
  • Reduces alopecia or balding: alopecia is a common male problem. It is a type of hair loss that effects areas of the head or the complete head. Regular use of aloe Vera can prevent and in some cases cure the disease by rejuvenating capillary follicles and strengthening the hair.
  • It prevents hair lossin men and in women. It can also reduce the advancement of baldness as long as we start application at the first signs.

  • Conditioner: aloe Vera also works as a conditioner. Its application helps recover hairs shine, while eliminating dryness. The best part of using aloe Vera is that it doesn’t leave the hair with the common greasy sensation that other conditioning products do.
  • Combates dandruffby helping to balance the heads natural oils, aloe Vera helps prevent dryness, that otherwise can cause dandruff. It also contains fungicidal properties that act directly against dandruff. At the same time aloe Vera provides a refreshing feeling on the scalp.

Active cosmetics

  • Aloe vera: the natural nutrients, the minerals, the vitamins, the amino acids and enzymes stimulate the reproduction of new cells. It is also an important cellular regenerator, toner and highly penetrates skin. It is an excellent enhancer in prepared protectors. It has revitalizing, hydrating, soothing and refreshing properties.
  • Aceite de coco: has antiseptic properties. Provides the skin with tonicity, protection, softness and youth thanks to its re-structuring action. It also smoothes the dermal layers leaving skin clean and beautiful.

Products useful life: 6 months.

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