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Shampoo 200ml + Anti-wrinkle cream BEE VENOM 50ml

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Pack containing 1 facial cream with Aloe Vera and Apitoxin (melittin) that produces a tightening effect on the skin, is the so-called natural botox + organic shampoo that revitalizes and moisturizes your hair.

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1. The facial cream contains:

Apitoxin: It is the so-called bee venom that has multiple properties. It is a smooth muscle stimulant, preventing and diminishing expression lines. It dilates the capillaries which improves circulation. It also has a bactericidal effect and protects the skin against radiation. In cosmetic use, apitoxin produces a remarkable and natural skin tightening effect, unlike Botox, which produces muscular rigidity, Apitoxin acts by promoting the action of the organism itself, which revitalises, stimulates and stimulates, produces a vasomotor action at peripheral level which induces renewal and regeneration, detoxifies (that is why in very intoxicated skins in the first applications a slight itching is sometimes observed which is part of this detoxification, and then it fades and the skin is smooth and luminous). On a corporal level, its draining action allows it to be an excellent coadjuvant in skins with cellulite, improving notably the aesthetics, and giving an excellent smoothness.

2. The shampoo contains the following active ingredients: ALOE VERA, COCONUT OIL, VEGETABLE SQUALANE, MALLOW EXTRACT AND CURCUMA EXTRACT. 

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