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Eco Cultivated Aloe Vera Juice 5000 Ml

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5 litres of juice made from Aloe Vera Barbadense leaves, 99’7%. Cold processed

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Pure aloe Vera juice with all the pulp of the fresh plant. The harvest is done by hand, an artisanal process that carefully selects the leaves from the plant, and using aloe Vera plants of an average of 15 years of age (as it is demonstrated that the older the plant the higher the number of polysaccharides).

Another factor that determines its quality is that its level of solids is 2’3% (the average, stipulated by the AISC is 0’5%).


Aloe Vera juice is effective in treating inflammation of the intestine because it can regulate and balance its function and neutralize stomach acid, which is why it is very recommendable for treating stomach ulcers.


The juice is cold pressed from the leaf and the pulp and its posterior stabilization is done without the need for pasteurizing, making sure that all the active components of the plant reach the consumer intact, as if they were eating the leaf.

The conservation of its active principals is guaranteed. The Aloe Vera is not strained or filtered. It maintains the pulp fresh in its composition and with the correct amount of aloin to favour detoxification and cleansing.

The result is a 100% pure juice, undiluted and with the same characteristics as the plant itself.

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