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Shipments Please do not place orders that cannot be managed, either by restricted areas or by reason of the temporary closure of your streets, your city or your country. If you have doubts if your order can be delivered, please write to  logistica@purealoe.es and we will tell you if you can place your order on a regular basis or not, since otherwise the client will have to assume the return of the shipment and future shipment when restrictions are removed.
In case the client finds out that there are restrictions on entering his city and has already placed the order, he should write immediately to  logistica@purealoe.es or call us at the contact telephone number. Our company is covering all necessary protection measures, in the preparation of shipments.


How much does delivery cost? 

If you are in Spanish peninsular territory, these are delivery costs according to the weight of your order:


Up to 5kg


Up to 10kg


Up to 15kg


Up to 30kg


If you live in the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands (*) or Ceuta and Melilla (*), these are delivery costs.

(*) There is NO cost € 0.00 for purchases over € 50.00; We will contact you after placing the order to pay the additional € 15.00 SUPPLEMENT via bank transfer for any package of more than 3kg.








  8,00      9,00      8,39      9,20   



  9,50      10,50      13,29      14,58   



  10,00      11,00      13,29   14,58



  12,50     14,00      18,90     20,76



  13,00      14,50      18,90      20,76   



  15,00    17,00     29,78     32,71 



  18,00      20,50      42,35      46,53   



Up to 5kg


Up to 10kg


Up to 15kg


Each additional kg



Up to 15kg


Each additional kg



How long will my order take to arrive?

Deliveries are made between 48-72 hours (weekdays) in Spain. We try our best to offer the best service to you and to meet deadlines at all times.

In any case, if more than three working days have passed and you have not received your package, please contact us by sending an email to logistica@purealoe.es or calling us free at +34 690 808 716.  

You must keep in mind that if you place your order before 12h, we will process it the same day. You will receive an email with the tracking number which will allow you to know the order status at all times. 








Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Luxembourg.


Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Rep., Hungary, Sweden.


Norway, Poland, Ireland, Romania and Switzerland.


Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia


Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia and Finland,

I live outside Spain. May I place an order?

Of course! We like our aloe vera to cross borders. Therefore, you can buy our products from different European countries. The only exception is The United Kingdom, we can not send our products to that country.

In general, the delivery time can range from 2 to 10 working days depending on the country where you are.When the delivery is made, you will receive an email with the tracking number which lets you know your order status at all times.

And remember that if you have any question, you can contact us on this page.

From what countries can I buy?

Take a note! France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Luxembourg, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Ireland, Romania, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Servia and Croatia.*

*The destinations of Corsica, Sicily, Isle of Man and Channel Islands have a supplement of 15 euros.

**Customs formalities aduaneras in origin included in the rate of countries outside EU (destination based sales tax or excluding tax).

Why not can you send products to the United Kingdom?

ALOE VERA ECOLOGICO SL informs you that the United Kingdom does not allow to send to that country any product based on vegetals, for that reason we could not send our products, sorry for this inconvenience. Otherwise, we wait for your soonest visit to our Factory and plantation in Fuerteventura in order to offer our products and receive them always with our kindly and respect.


How can I pay for my purchase?

You have three options:

Credit or debit card: through our banking operator (Bank Santander Elavon) and its encryption system 100% safe you can pay with your credit or debit card quickly and safely. This connection carries a data encryption and occurs in a different window to ensure the connection to the payment gateway of the bank is 100% secure. This payment method has not any commissions for the customer.

Direct Payment: PayPal. The PayPal Bank acts as an intermediary between the client and Pure Aloe Shop. If you already have a PayPal account you do not have to enter your card details, carrying out your payment immediately. Choose this payment method carries a surcharge of 3% which will be recorded in the same PayPal page. This charge is due to the fees charged by PayPal to use their platform.

Cash on delivery: with this method of payment, you place your order and pay it to the courier when you receive the order in your home. It is a valid method of payment for deliveries to the Peninsula and the Balearics. And it has a charge of 5 euros corresponding to management fees that our Logistics Operator impacts us to collect your money at home.


Can I return a product?

From Pure Aloe Shop we offer a period of 14 buiness days, which are proposed by the law, so you can return your product if you have not been satisfied or if it was not what you expected, by providing that it has not been opened.

DO not worry, the return is very easy:

1.- Contact us vía email: logistica@purealoe.es or call us at  +34 690 808 716 to tell us your name or the order number and the product to return.

2.- The costs associated with sending the voluntary return will be paid by the customer. You can return the goods on your own using Correos post office service, or we can send a SEUR messenger to pick the goods up. We will set a date and time and our logistics operator will pick the product up to return. 

3.- Try to return the product with the original packaging please, and protected the best possible to prevent damage during transport. Otherwise, if the product is not properly wrapped or it does not retain its original packaging, it may suffer a currency depreciation.

4.- Once we receive the product in Pure Aloe Shop, we will check the condition of the returned goods. If everything is correct, we proceed to refund the amount of the product. And if you have chosen to pick the order up with SEUR, we will charge the cost of 5 euros due to our logistics operator in the Spanish peninsula.

What should I do if I receive a wrong or defective order?

This occurs because the customer receives a product in poor condition, this product is defective, it has received a blow during the transport, it has a factory problem, or because we were wrong in sending you a product.

These are the steps to return the products:

1- Contact us via email to logistica@purealoe.es or call us at +34 690 808 716 to indicate your order number and the reason for the return.

2- We will ask you a picture of the defective product and if you want a refund or a new product.

3- We will set a date and time and our logistics operator will pick your product up to return.

4- As far as possible you must send it with the original packaging of the product.

5- Once we receive the product, we will refund you the amount of the product or a new one. We will cover the cost of our logistics operator to pick the product up.


What guarantee do the products have?

Remember that aloe vera is a fresh and natural product, therefore it has a limited life cycle, which is 6 months in this case. However, poor maintenance of the product can produce the growth of microorganisms which occurs naturally in such foods and results in the progressive deterioration and a yellow color, but it does not mean that the product is in bad condition. 

For the preservation of our aloe vera juice in perfect conditions, we recommend that you keep it in a refrigerated room or a fresh place and protected from direct sunlight and heat.

The life cycle is 2 years from the manufacture date located on the inferior part of the product.

Why choose natural cosmetics?

The natural and organic cosmetics only uses organic or organic farming ingredients by freeing from the most aggressive chemical substances for our skin.

What are the differences between aloe vera from Canary Islands and aloe vera from the rest of the world?

Plants grown in the island of Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) are considered one of the best aloes vera in the world. It is the closest island to the African continent and, thanks to its warm and stable climate, its proximity to the sea and its volcanic soil, aloe vera has many more properties in its interior. It shows more acemannan than plants grown in other regions of the world, a percentage of 21.3 %, being the minimum a 5% by dry weight of acemannan.

Another quality factor that differentiates  them are the solid percentage, being the average of market a 0,5%, stipulated by the AISC. However, aloe vera from Canary Islands shows parameters of 2,3%, over four times the recommended minimum. Furthermore, the plantation has about 7 million plants, with an age of 15 years on average.

For all those reasons we consider aloe vera from Canary Islands the best aloe vera in the world

What is and what certifies CRAE?

Organic production is an overall system of farm management and food production that combines the best environmental practices, a high level of biodiversity, the preservation of natural resources, the application of high standards about animal welfare and a production in line with the preference of certain consumers for products obtained from natural substances and processes. 

Organic farming production is regulated by a European legislation, EC Regulations 834/2007 on organic production and labelling of organic products , whose provisions of application (including the control system) are established by the EC Regulations 889/2008.

This control is exercised in the Canary Islands by the Canarian Institute os Agrifood Quality (ICCA), competent authority in the control and certification of  foodstuffs from agricultural origin obtained in the Canary Islands, or whose last operation is carried out by an established green industry in Canary Islands.

What is ecological agriculture?

From our company we believe that consumer confidence is not only based on quality of our products, we also consider the environmental protection and sustainability.

That is why organic production combines the best environmental practices, a high level of biodiversity and conservation of natural resources through automated drip irrigation system. It is a production method that uses natural procedures and substances, free of pesticides, fertilizers and antibiotics. Organic products contribute to the protection of environment, certified by the  C.R.A.E with code 3118P.

Is it tested on animals?

Certified products to be free of cruelty, according to international criteria. These standards stipulate that no kind of animal testing has been carried out to make the product or its ingredients, neither by their laboratories nor by providers.

Does drinking aloe juice make you unable to get Coronavirus COVID-19?

By drinking our 99.7% purity Aloe Juice, it makes our body strengthen our immune system, but depending on how your body is currently, you could contract it or not. The idea is that all people take care of their body permanently to avoid any virus or disease, eating healthy and exercising regularly.

Can I receive shipments to my city on a regular basis due to the situation of the Coronavirus COVID-19?

We suggest that you write to us at logistica@purealoe.es to confirm if the transit to your country does not have any difficulties and if you can receive your order on a regular basis.